About me


My background is in fiction writing. I studied creative writing as an undergrad at Northwestern University and then at Columbia University, where I received a Masters of Fine Arts.

This path led me to trade book publishing, where I worked for a few years as a junior editor and copy editor, on all types of books (cookbooks, poetry, biographies, fiction in translation, narrative nonfiction, graphic novels, comic books, and on and on), while moonlighting on two novels of my own.

Looking for new creative outlets, I moved into internal communications—first at a Tibetan nonprofit in the West Village, then to a division within Walgreens focused on cosmetics and skincare. There I picked up video editing, graphic design, animation, and PowerPoint, and began taking the lessons I learned from telling a strong story and plying them to new media and curricula.

My career has taken me many places. Whatever the business and whatever the project, I’m a quick learner, a right-brain with a technical flair, on the lookout for opportunities to make beautiful work and tell interesting stories where they're most needed. 




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