Only a few years have passed since George Foreman and Muhammad Ali faced off in 1974 for "The Rumble in the Jungle" in Kinshasa.

Ken Harman, a young closeted Realtor, journeys to the Dark Continent to finalize a sale to a charismatic Belgian colonialist, an aging imperialist who has so far eluded the fallout and the first shudders of Zaire's independence.

Harman is a guest only days when he discovers that he's being drugged and his host doesn't intend to let him leave. As he falls off the map, his partner, Mike Murray, travels to Provincetown to summer with his best friend, a transgender visual artist, an enfant terrible and an ERA activist, a woman who falls in love with a bumptious child psychiatrist about the same time she begins to fall ill with a syndrome of mysterious symptoms: purple lesions, light sensitivity, and pneumonia. As the year draws to a close and she turns deathly ill, a professor in African studies and the psychiatrist team up to search for answers.

What they discover will take them from the padded room of a bug-eating schizophrenic boy named Renny; from the tumble-down streets of Kinshasa, to the clapboards of Provincetown, the underbelly of New York City at its grittiest, and a final face off with the vampire who started it all. 

Dark Continents mines the legacy of colonialism, mapping out the landscape of a world poised for an outbreak.